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Tis The Season– A Holiday Gadget Guide


iPads, Tablets, Kindles, Android and Windows 8, oh my!

In the E-Business space, I not only work on digital strategies and web development, but also keep an eye on the types of technology (and gadgets) that will shape user interactions in the future. With the shift to smartphones and tablets as the main way that most users interact with you, it’s important to stay ahead of the technology curve.

In this lighter version of Perspectives, I am hoping to provide some “need to know” information as you purchase your favorite technology items this holiday season. Since there are plenty of gadgets to choose from, I am going to focus on three categories: smartphones, big and small tablets, and what I will term, “cool” gadgets. While many have accused me of being biased toward certain devices or manufacturers, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m an equal opportunity gadget person with Apple (iOS), Samsung (Android), and Windows gadgets on my utility belt. Of course, we may need a moment of silence for our friends at Research in Motion (RIM) as the Blackberry seems destined to go the way of the 8-Track and Beta and does not appear in any of the lists this holiday season.

The fourth quarter marks the most popular time for manufacturers to introduce new models. This year is no different as there are plenty of new devices to make the marketplace even more competitive. Here are some of my top picks across the different categories. Remember this is for entertainment use only, so don’t take it personally if your favorites aren’t on the lists.

See the full list of gadgets here.

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