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A Toast to Boston Financial


Toastmasters2In 2011 Boston Financial chartered its first Toastmasters club. It was started by a small group of individuals that wanted to work on their speaking and leadership skills. Membership has continued to increase and in 2012 a second club was added at one of Boston Financial’s Midwest locations.

As a Toastmaster, you work on completing a series of projects towards different speaking and leadership designations. Recently, I was working on a speech project that required me to inspire my audience. It seemed like a daunting task. I was really struggling to find an inspiring topic.

Luckily, right around the same time, the Marketing team started sending communication about the 40th anniversary and it gave me an idea. In honor of Boston Financial’s 40th birthday, I wrote her a toast. My goals was to recognize this organization’s many accomplishments and to hopefully inspire you about what’s next for this well-established icon in the industry.

Without further ado, here is my toast to Boston Financial…

Our beloved Boston Financial is turning 40 years old. How can this be? It seems like just yesterday she was a wild child of the 70s, foot-loose and fancy free. Let’s take a look back.

She was born on 1973, the outcome of a prearranged marriage. Her parents are two well established conservative figures that nurtured her in the early years. Their ultimate dream was that one day she would grow up and support the family business. Like a lot of kids from her generation, she did what was expected of her. She became a Transfer Agency.

While it must not have been glamorous being stuck in that back office all those years, she had something to prove. Initially, she got by on the sheer will and determination of the colleagues that supported her.

She had attracted a scrappy band of brothers that were bound only by their will to make her a success. Together they worked hard, played hard, made mistakes, and made adjustments. Eventually they started to see the fruits of their labor. Boston Financial became known as the “up and comer” in the industry.

In the 80s, along with her hair and shoulder pads, her client base got bigger. She went through a period of unprecedented growth. She experienced growing pains. She made a decision to give up smoking in the office. She started to differentiate herself by integrating technology, focusing on automation and becoming known for operational excellence.

In the 90s she really hit her stride. She started racking up accomplishments that included many notable firsts. I’m sure she won’t mind if I share a few.

  • She was the first independent mutual fund service provider to offer a full suite of Internet-based solutions.
  • She was the first transfer agent to implement a document imaging and workflow distribution system, automated call distribution and a dashboard reporting service (Compliance +TM ) for Chief Compliance Officers.

She had become an industry leader. In fact, against all odds, that determined kid had become the largest Transfer Agent in the U.S. That’s quite an accomplishment! I’m sure that her parents are very proud. 

Even so, as the century turned, she looked around and the world had changed. She needed to make some changes too. So what does the future hold for Boston Financial? Is she ready to settle down and become the mature matron of the family?

I think not! The fabulous at 40 gal is right in the middle of her mid-life make-over. She’s exploring new market segments and developing new product lines. She’s embracing social media and collaborative tools. She’s on Facebook and She’s got followers on Twitter. 

She’s really rediscovering her pioneering spirit. I wouldn’t count her out; in fact like many of you I’m counting on her and her ability to transform. So join me in supporting her efforts and wishing her 40 more years!