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How Do You Rate On Our Digital Checklist?


With the ever-changing digital landscape, you may be asking yourself, where do we take our website to?

Take our digital checklist to help get a good picture of where you are.


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How did you do? If you circled too many red or yellow answers, you may need to play some catch up. Boston Financial can help. We’ve assisted clients with their overall digital strategy and have built the next generation of web platforms to elevate your secure web presence to the next level. Contact us to learn more!


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Finding Your Sweet Spot – Enterprise Compliance


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There has never been a better time for organizations to manage and coordinate compliance across varying lines of business in our industry.

There has been massive change in our industry resulting in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. And satisfying compliance requirements and mitigating risk remains a challenge. In fact, many firms continue to cite it as their number one challenge. The complexity can be paralyzing.

But today, we have more solutions, technologies, and evolving best practices than ever before for firms to optimize and align their compliance programs. As an industry, we’ve made great strides developing and introducing compliance models and strategies. And enterprise compliance has now emerged as an effective way to manage and coordinate compliance across a firm’s varying lines of business.

In my capacity delivering new solutions and value-add services aimed at clients’ critical and evolving regulatory needs, I’ve been working with compliance leaders across DST, Boston Financial, and ALPS to develop an enterprise compliance solution. ADVANCE dedicated an entire session to the topic. I was excited to hear members of our compliance community embrace and explore enterprise compliance. The session introduced insights and ideas that I wanted to share with you.

Why Enterprise Compliance?

When you think about how compliance models and strategies have evolved, it’s not a surprise that enterprise compliance is stepping into the spotlight. It’s a natural evolution. Plus, the benefits of an enterprise compliance program can be enormous.

  • Consistent Framework and Coordinated Approach
    • Nimbleness
    • Efficiency
    • Scalability
  • Leverage
    • Resources
    • Expertise
    • Technology
    • Partnerships

Finding Success: Understanding the Model

Enterprise compliance has a lot of upside, but what does the model  look like and what does success entail?

As the regulatory landscape continues with more prescriptive rulemaking from more regulators, asset managers, banks, intermediaries and insurance companies must react in kind: digesting the implications of each new proposal and determining the most efficient strategies to implement solutions for these complex regulatory obligations.

As part of this process, it’s critical for companies to consider the most adept, cost-effective means to manage regulatory change while embracing transparency and mitigating risk across their organizations. Essentially, companies are setting a corporate-wide framework, objectives, and values. The unique business lines determine HOW implementation will occur – all with a thread that ensures organizations leverage consistent resources and are not solving the same problem, different ways in multiple areas.

Success factors include:

  • Oversight
  • Training
  • Buy-In
  • “Shared” Services

As a technology and solutions provider, DST, Boston Financial, and ALPS understand how important it is for our clients to streamline their vendor relationships. Equally important for them is efficiency and scalability.

Providing a comprehensive suite of compliance solutions that can be used across multiple financial services segments is critical for our clients’ success; it’s a top priority for us.

Our capabilities and partnerships make us well positioned to support a client who chooses an enterprise compliance approach. Our program enables clients to scale up their compliance program as business needs dictate. Moreover, when determining the appropriate compliance strategy, risk mitigation continues to be an important driver for organizations. Our enterprise compliance solution mitigates risk across organizations.

Because of the value, efficiencies, and expertise an enterprise compliance program can deliver, we’re a proponent of the model. However, the most important criteria when developing your compliance program is that it works for your organization.

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ADVANCE: What You Missed


“We are not a wave; we are part of the ocean.” – Steve Hooley, President & CEO of DST, opening remarks from ADVANCE.

The ADVANCE conference wrapped up yesterday in Scottsdale. For the past three days, Scottsdale was a whirlwind of activity with over 450 people representing 60% of the U.S. mutual fund industry.


ADVANCE, DST’s annual client conference, had many themes: how technology is transforming the customer experience, the rise of the “citizen data scientist,” letting go of legacy beliefs and systems, the need for enterprise compliance models, using disruption to find opportunity, strategies for mastering complexity, and more.

But Steve Hooley, President and CEO of DST, set the tone with his opening remarks: “It’s good to be with your customers. It is energizing.” Debuting at the conference was DST’s new brand, master complexity. Hooley discussed change, opportunities, complexity, and disruption – and DST’s approach to it.

“Are you going to manage disruption or are you going to let disruption manage you? DST focused on managing disruption.” – Steve Hooley

ADVANCE featured several keynote speakers, including Peter Sheahan, a thought leader on innovation and behavior change. Sheahan further explored the topic of disruption and brand.

1Sheahan DST


  • Question your assumptions. Don’t take yesterday’s beliefs into tomorrow’s environment.
  • Share brand stories that push toward change versus away from it. Create more value and become the obvious choice.
  • Orient around outcomes not inputs. It’s the ultimate value.
  • Find opportunity in disruption. You want to build your brand on complexity.

 “Lean into the complexity of the higher order problem – it’s where the differentiation is found.” – Peter Sheahan

Our team attended sessions all over ADVANCE, including the regulatory/risk management, technology, retirement, operational, and asset management tracks. The asset management track, which was especially relevant to the Boston Financial clients in attendance, focused on key topics facing all firms in our market.

1 product showcase DST

In the coming days, we’ll be sharing more from ADVANCE. Stay tuned!