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Still Fired Up: 2017 NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum


Have you ever had the experience of getting fired up at a professional meeting, only to lose that sense of innovation within days of returning to the office?

Six executives from Boston Financial and DST Systems participated in the program at last week’s NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum (#SLFNICSA). Another twenty attended the event to learn from the presenters and the participants. #SLFNICSA is first of several annual conferences that brings mutual fund executives together to analyze industry trends, and set a direction for moving forward together. Other events on the industry conference calendar are DST ADVANCE, the ICI Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference, ICI General Membership and our own Blue Sky Roundtable.


Hosted from January 29-January 31, 2017 in Hollywood, FL, this year’s event dug deep into the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule. Workshop sessions also tackled proposed regulations for swing pricing under Rule 22c-1, data-driven strategies for fraud detection and management, the evolution of technology and its impact on the industry.

A week later, we talked with some of our #SLFNICSA enterprise participants to learn what they are still fired up about. Here’s what they had to say:

From Managing Director and NICSA Board Member, Anne Hebard
Despite the cries that the sky is falling in the regulatory compliance environment given the expectations that the new Presidential administration will greatly relax regulatory policies, I’m not expecting that organizations will drastically adjust their approach and investment in compliance. As Suni Harford from Citigroup and Kristi Mitchem from Wells Fargo said: “We can’t undo what has been done” “You can’t turn a tanker on a dime.”

CEO Roundtable moderated by Tyler Mathieson

From Managing Director, Mike McNeill
Industry consolidation is considered by many to be a disruptive trend. There will be fewer funds and firms in the industry in the future and the space for small to mid-sized players continue to shrink. This, coupled with the likes of Google and Amazon looking to enter into the financial sector, means that financial services are not insulated from serious competition.

A week after the conference, I’m still thinking about the niches that will be crafted by small to mid-sized asset management firms in this evolving landscape, and Boston Financial’s role in helping them differentiate themselves in the new marketplace while also identifying additional broader solution to assist our diverse community of clients.


From Vice President for Marketing, Lisa Light
One of the questions I’m left with is how are we going to continuously attract and retain talent in our industry given these stats: “1 in 3 baby boomers report they are planning an encore career focused on passion and impact,” and “Only 10% of millennials plan to maintain their careers in financial services.”

Hannah Ubl, Keynote Address

From Senior Sales Executive, Nickolaus Darsch
Soundbites that are resonating with me, because they are likely resonating with our customers, include:

“When we outsource we keep our pulse on the industry, we cannot set it and forget it; it is important to understand the strategy of (our) providers.”

Kristi Mitchem from Wells Fargo,
CEO Roundtable moderated by CNBC’s Tyler Mathieson

“Firms that are able to harness data to deliver performance and insights within key processes will be the winners in our industry.”

Jennifer McPeek from Janus,
CEO Roundtable moderated by CNBC’s Tyler Mathieson

“The pace of rule setting will slow or even stop for the next one to two years under the new administration, but enforcement will continue… enforcement is non-partisan.”

Updating the Non-DOL Regulatory Landscape

Recognizing our role in providing industry insights, Boston Financial is committed to actively sharing best practices, ideas, questions and solutions across what is arguably the industry’s most diverse client base. This includes offering our clients and associates a window into the highlights and key questions being discussed at professional meetings like #SLFNICSA. You can find real-time updates during these events on our LinkedIn page and by following our Twitter feed.