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A Winning Partnership


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The Lawrence, Kansas operational service center at Boston Financial uses a student work model that provides area college students with employment flexibility, a reliable place to work, and valuable experience. In turn, Boston Financial gains flexibility, allowing the company to more easily adapt to changing volumes and business needs all while continuing to generate high-quality processing results.

The model uses a variety of schedules to accommodate students. Although full-time associates are still relied upon to process transactions daily, it’s the students who come in for short shifts on the days where volumes are expected to be heavy. Our flexible student workers are able to share computers and workspace, have a high aptitude for learning new processes, and provide high-quality, positive client experiences. Not only does Boston Financial benefit from this arrangement, but so do the students. Having started with Boston Financial as a Kansas University student, some of the benefits I experienced firsthand included:

  • Work while going to college. Boston Financial understands school comes first, and provided me the flexibility to manage both.
  • Earn income as a student. This allowed me to decrease loan needs for living costs and to earn a little extra cash. Every student deserves a break from ramen noodles.
  • Gain knowledge and experience. Working in the financial services industry has been great for my resume.

megan grad

But it doesn’t stop there. The opportunities within the company are varied. Along with many associates, I have found a home within the Boston Financial family and have grown within the company. Although some students explore opportunities in their field of study when they graduate, many (including me) have enjoyed their Boston Financial experience and continue working full-time after graduation.

Students are afforded the opportunity to gain experience in various roles to see where they excel, what they enjoy most. Some find that niche within the company and are able to leverage their schooling.

In addition to the opportunities provided, management helped me successfully transition into a permanent role. I was provided with training, support, understanding, and a comfortable atmosphere for a smooth transition from student to full-time associate.

Boston Financial has found a way to better use flexibility with schedules and leverage associate tenure to maximize company and associate resources. In my opinion, this is a winning partnership!

megan boxer

My boxer waiting for me to get home from work!

Megan Raithel

Megan Raithel

Megan began working at the Boston Financial operational service center in Lawrence, KS while attending college. She started as a mutual fund processing representative and is currently a unit manager. Her primary focus is developing associates and assisting the team with day-to-day transactions. Megan graduated from the University of Kansas in 2012 and will forever be a Jayhawk. She has a spoiled Boxer who continues to keep her active and spends her free time hanging out with friends.

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