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Building a Performance Based Culture: Leverage Your Talent’s Strengths


This is the second of three blog posts in a series on performance based culture. In this series Jennifer Turner and Marie Thompson, leaders from our Human Resources and Talent Development groups, discuss three pillars to developing an engaged and high performing workforce.  

In the first post of our performance based culture series we explored the importance of communicating a clear vision. Let’s move on to discuss leveraging your talent’s strengths and how this is done at Boston Financial.

Building a performance based culture Part 2

Leaders play a critical role in understanding people’s strengths and knowing where each person is able to contribute to the success of the organization, which ultimately leads to an organization that is performing at the highest level.

Boston Financial follows a disciplined talent identification and succession planning process referred to as the Leadership Talent Review (LTR).  Every 18 months the leadership in the organization gathers to discuss the future potential of each manager in the organization – from the front-line manager to the Vice President level.  Each manager is assessed against five business competencies that are deemed critical to meeting the future needs of the organization. Based on this feedback each manager’s future potential is identified according to their “readiness” for a promotion, stretch assignment or increased responsibility.  This exercise ensures that the organization is leveraging the strengths of our talent and that we have positioned our management team to meet the challenges and business needs in the future.

Next week will be the final post in this series. We’ll discuss the final pillar to building a performance based culture; providing structure, resources and tools.

Jennifer Turner

Jennifer Turner

Jennifer Turner is a Human Resources Manager at Boston Financial and works out of the Kansas City office. She manages associates in Lawrence and Quincy. Over the last four years, Jennifer has partnered with business leaders and associates across the company on a variety of Human Resources issues to include mentoring, development of associates, conflict resolution and creating a positive work environment. Jennifer has more than 20 years of experience in the Human Resources field and has worked for various industries throughout the Kansas City area.

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