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Building a Performance Based Culture: Provide Structure, Resources, and Tools


This is the third of three blog posts in a series on performance based culture. In this series Jennifer Turner and Marie Thompson, leaders from our Human Resources and Talent Development groups, discuss three pillars to developing an engaged and high performing workforce. 

In the first two posts of this series we discussed how communicating a clear vision and leveraging your talents’ strengths are key components to a successful performance based culture. Let’s move on to the final piece of the puzzle; providing structure, resources, and tools.


An organizational structure that can transform easily to support industry, technological regulatory and compliance changes is the foundational requirement to a performance based culture.  Schedules need to be aligned to support work volumes based on the day of the week, time of the year and activities in the market.  Business process redundancies across sites need to be in place to address spikes in volume or disaster recovery events. Centralization, standardization and automation efforts need to be part of the culture to gain efficiencies.

The organization and its leaders have a responsibility to provide associates with the structures, processes and job supports they need to successfully achieve expected business results.  Resources include a talented and trained workforce, an engaged and motivated management team, and a strong and professional corporate support team.  Associates also need the right tools to get the work done.  Up-to-date hardware and software, integrated communication and collaboration tools and business and professional training programs are essential to developing a performance based culture.

Boston Financial’s key initiatives reflect our values and help define who we are to our associates, clients and communities.

  • Promote Operational Excellence
  • Enhance Client and industry engagement
  • Develop valuable new products and services
  • Create opportunities for associates to maximize their potential
  • Establish targeted community impact efforts

Everyone in an organization has a part to play in realizing the goals and strategy that have been set for the organization and everyone plays a part in honing the culture which is set by leadership.   By communicating a clear vision, leveraging the strengths of our talent and putting in place strong structures, resources and tools, Boston Financial has developed a motivated performance-based culture that is bought into by all levels of our organization.  It’s this culture that will define our company’s long-term success.

Marie Thompson

Marie Thompson

Marie joined Boston Financial in 2005 and is responsible for leading the learning organization. Marie and her team of learning professionals partner with business leaders to customize solutions to build and enhance individual, team and organizational performance. She has more than 20 years of experience in the learning profession in the areas of leadership development, talent identification and assessment, career development, instructional design and course delivery & facilitation. Prior to joining Boston Financial Marie was an Organizational Effectiveness Business Partner at Bank of America and Fleet Boston Financial.

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