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Arthur Dunn

About Arthur Dunn

At the end of 2014, Arthur was appointed to the position of Chief Risk Officer for Boston Financial. Since joining Boston Financial in 1981, Arthur has held a variety of operations and relationship management roles for key mutual fund and 529 plan clients. Arthur drove the development of Boston Financial and DST’s operational and systems capabilities to support 529 products. He has also played critical roles in major corporate initiatives including the establishment of IFDS-Toronto and Boston Financial’s joint effort with DST Insurance Solutions to create an Insurance BPO. Most recently, Arthur worked with DST’s Global Insight Group (GIG) to provide domain expertise and to represent business development opportunities for Boston Financial.

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Looking at the Big Picture: Leveraging the power of data

Thought leadership is more than marketing jargon at Boston Financial. For us, thought leadership tells the story of what we think about changes in the industry, and what we are…

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Category: Industry Trends

Key Trends Driving the Fund Industry: Movement Toward Fact-based Decision-Making

This is the second of five blog posts in our industry trends series. In this series we will look at the top five key trends driving the fund industry in 2014.…

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