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Adrian Lucas

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Adrian is currently a regulatory analyst in the Compliance department responsible for analyzing the operational implications of federal regulations on Boston Financial and its clients. Adrian began his career at Boston Financial as an intern in the legal department in 2011. In the time since, Adrian has held a joint-role in the legal department, while also supporting the Chief Compliance Officer. Adrian recently transitioned to support the CCO full-time with a focus on federal regulations such as FATCA. Adrian holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts.

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CCO Forum: Looking Ahead

What are some of the issues that matter most to CCOs these days? DOL Fiduciary Rule, third-party oversight, and resource constraints would surely be on any CCO’s top 5 list.…

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FATCA: What we’ve seen and what’s next

Now that FATCA has begun to settle down and it’s more than six months after the first real effective date, I thought it would a good time to reflect on…

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FATCA – The Time is Now. Are You Ready?

In case you missed it, the latest installment of Boston Financial’s thought leadership webcast series focused on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). In the four years since FATCA…

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