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Doug Billings

About Doug Billings

Doug and his team are responsible for working with clients on strategy, usability and custom web solutions. Doug has over 16 years of project management, development, and usability experience as well as six years teaching experience at the college level. He has been with Boston Financial for 10 years. Doug’s previous experience includes roles at Fidelity Investments, IBM Global Services, and various Web startups. Doug holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and a Master of Science degree in computer information systems, both from Bentley University.

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What Makes a Great Financial Services Website? (Hint – it isn’t bells and whistles)

A website, like many consumer products and services, is often built to impress rather than be functional. Having a lot of bells and whistles in your website may appear to…

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Responsively Transactional

Responsive design is a hot topic for addressing mobile needs. A website utilizing this approach will adapt its layout dynamically to the screen size being used for viewing. In planning…

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