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Jeff Cook

About Jeff Cook

Jeff Cook is the Director of Regulatory Compliance at DST Systems, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri. In this capacity he performs the duties of the AML Compliance Officer and oversees DST’s Identity Theft Prevention Program. Jeff’s responsibilities also include overseeing and ensuring that DST's financial services products, technology products, output products, and transfer agency operations comply with federal and state regulations. Jeff serves on several industry groups; the ICI Cost Basis Task Force, ICI Money Market Reform Committees, the ICI AML Rules Working Group, the NICSA TA Compliance Guide Committee, NICSA Risk & Compliance Committee, IPA Operations Committee, and DST’s Regulatory Compliance Advisory Group (RCAG) Steering Committee. He holds a B.S. degree from Kansas State University, with a dual major in accounting and management, and a minor in communications. Prior to DST, Jeff worked in public accounting specializing in compliance audits of state and local governments.

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