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John Griffin

About John Griffin

John Griffin is married to Jean (Sasso) Griffin (both BFDS alums). Together, they are the proud parents of Jack and Abby. John is an active duty Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel who, after 28 years of service, will transition to civilian life in 2015. He is currently employed by MLM (militaryleadershipmethods.com) offering leadership development key note speeches and corporate training. John holds three masters degrees including one from Harvard University. He is the veteran of three combat campaigns (Somalia 1992, Battle of Fallujah 2004, Afghanistan 2010) in which he earned a Bronze Star and other commendations for valor; he has lived overseas and travelled extensively throughout the globe visiting 19 countries. In his personal life John is a youth sports coach and volunteers at his church. Contact John at john.griffin@post.harvard.edu, www.linkedin.com/in/johnfgriffin1, or @John_F_Griffin if you are interested in MLM or if you want to talk leadership and planning.

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