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Matthew Gould

About Matthew Gould

Matthew works for Boston Financial's New Business and Product Development Team listening and researching the challenges of our industry and exploring creative solutions. He spends most of his time with new product development; exploring, evaluating, designing, and delivering innovative solutions for our clients' business. Matthew started with the enterprise in 1992 and during his tenure has implemented innovation in a variety of areas, including customer service, technology solutions, relationship management, and operations oversight. Matthew leverages his varied experience, adds in his endless curiosity and passionate creativity to deliver innovation for our industry.

Category: Conferences and Events, Innovation

Friction is the Enemy of Speed

“Friction is the enemy of speed.”  I learned this principal racing Pinewood Derby cars with my sons in Cub Scouts. This principal is relevant for all types of activities where…

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Category: Innovation, Technology

Gigabyte Internet coming to Boston Financial

When I got my first connection to the internet it was via a 5600 baud modem. It was slow; about 700,000 bytes per second. I remember upgrading to a 9600…

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Category: Innovation

Ideas Over a Cup of Coffee

As a Business and Product Developer I enjoy staying connected to the start-up scene. Much like a song writer gets inspiration from other people’s songs; I get inspiration from other…

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Category: Social Media

Social Media Tip: Static vs. Interactive Content

The interactive nature of social media makes it a more risky marketing tool than static advertising or email campaigns. Yet, it is really no more risky than the interactive engagement…

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Category: Technology

Is Social Media still an Opt-in?

I recently read this article in Ignites: “Industry Unfriends Facebook, Calls LinkedIn Top Site” Aside from the statistics that confirm the fund industry is more engaged with LinkedIn than Facebook…

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