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About Phil Blake

After a stint in the insurance industry, Phil moved over to financial services and joined Boston Financial. Since joining Boston Financial, Phil ‘s role has focused on developing new products and services on behalf of Boston Financial’s clients. As a member of the Business and Product Development team, Phil is responsible for delivering innovative products and services that help our clients achieve their business goals, mitigate risk and reduce cost. Leveraging his project management and business analyst skills, Phil enjoys working with our clients and teams throughout the organization to ensure we deliver cost-effective, innovation solutions. After work, Phil enjoys hanging out with his colleagues on the Boston Financial basketball league. The best part was leading his team to the league championship; we are all champions somewhere. Phil also has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Eastern Nazarene College.

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Now What? What Blockchain Means for the Transfer Agent

Blockchain technology promises to increase security, efficiency, and compliance. Analysts believe blockchain’s transparency could potentially reduce the need for some audits and reconciliation functions, which could potentially reduce operating costs…

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Category: Conferences and Events, Industry Trends

What Happens When a Millennial Escapes the Office?

Being a millennial and first-time attendee of the NICSA General Membership Meeting, it was interesting to see a focus on the impact and challenges that the millennial generation will have…

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Category: Client Forum, Industry Trends

The State of Alternatives – an Interview with Robyn Holloway

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Robyn Holloway to discuss retail alternatives. Robyn is the sales lead for DST’s Alternative Fund Solutions offering. Based in New York…

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Category: Conferences and Events, Industry Trends

Not What I Expected…

Recently, when I was asked to attend the NICSA Liquid Alternatives workshop in New Jersey, I was excited for the opportunity. Imagine the disappointment on my face when I found…

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