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Old BooksOne of the more widely referenced concepts in the Finance industry is “Thought Leadership”. By providing “Thought Leadership” to existing and potential clients, firms seek to expand areas of differentiation beyond more traditional means, such as product or service.

While Thought Leadership is not a new concept, the growth of the internet and electronic communication has provided firms an opportunity to efficiently disseminate topical information to target audiences. At Boston Financial, our “Perspectives” series highlights areas where we have insight or expertise on a particular topic of interest.

Long before the concept came into vogue, someone who was a thought leader for our industry was Robert Pozen, former Chairman of MFS Investment Management and Vice Chairman of Fidelity Investments. For nearly every significant topic roiling the mutual fund industry during the past twenty years, Bob has consistently been at the forefront of the discussion.

Bob, now a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and a senior fellow at Brookings Institute, has published dozens of articles, books, and opinion/editorials on subjects such as Money Market Reform, Social Security Reform, Corporate Board Oversight, and the bailouts of the financial institutions. His works have been widely praised for their originality of thought and for focusing on solutions that carry a long-term benefit versus simply patching up a problem.

Most recently, Bob has published “Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours”.  As the title suggests, the book provides guidance, based on Bob’s forty years of industry experience, on how to optimize productivity without “living” at the office.

Boston Financial was delighted when Bob agreed to speak at our 2013 Client Forum regarding his book and the key concepts gleaned from his lifetime in our industry.

Earlier this summer (in the aftermath of the Bruins losing the Stanley Cup), I had the opportunity to read Bob’s book. Based on this read, I can confidently submit that anyone who reads the book will come away with significant knowledge to apply to both their daily routine and longer term career aspirations. After completing the book, my initial area of focus has been applying the OHIO principle (especially to email). While I found that changing my existing habits was a challenge, I have definitely made progress in this area during the past few months.

As Boston Financial celebrates our 40th year, it seems appropriate that Bob Pozen, who has been an industry leader for much of our corporate existence, joins us for part of the celebration. We are looking forward to hearing Bob’s thoughts on productivity based on his vast industry experience at the 2013 Client Forum.

Steve LaRonde

Steve LaRonde

Steve LaRonde is a Vice President of Relationship Management at Boston Financial. In his role, Steve is responsible for engaging with clients in the development and management of the optimal support model at Boston Financial to advance a client’s business. Steve joined the Boston Financial in 1994, and in addition to his current role, has held management positions in several areas of the firm, including Operations Management, Defined Contribution Services, and Institutional Services.


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