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That’s a Wrap! Takeaways from #BFCF16


It was another memorable experience at the Client Forum. Thank you to all our attendees. You make the event what it is. Over the course of two days, we participated in amazing sessions, engaged in meaningful conversations, and managed to have some fun too (it’s impossible not to have fun in Nashville). cf-post-collage1

We introduced a new client segment, “Insights & Experiences from the Client Community,” welcomed new speakers like Nancy Rapoport and José Reyes, as well as familiar faces like Greg Valliere. Our evening events didn’t disappoint either.

What are your favorite highlights? Here are a few takeaways from some of my colleagues at Boston Financial:

Fran Corcoran: Expectations for new hires have changed, and expectations from new hires have also changed. While career path and opportunity have always had a place, employers are looking for different skill sets and applicants are asking about timeframe for advancement, volunteer opportunities, and community involvement as primary considerations. –Talent Matters: Building & Sustaining a Talent Pipeline (client panel).

Nick Darsch: I continue to think about the unique intersection of developing solutions for current day issues / process headaches while pushing forward technologies that may not have a current day utility —timing, design, and organizational agility ultimately determine when they meet. It will be exciting to see how the blockchain technology example will play out.

Madeline FitzGerald: I was struck by José Reyes’ information around design — the importance of it in our financial services industry. The concept, “Useful…Useable…Enjoyable,” really is transferrable and relatable to every industry. — Design at the Dinner Table; Speaker: José Reyes, Executive Creative Director, PwC Experience Center.

Anne Hebard: My key takeaway from the Forum is a better understanding and appreciation of DST’s evolving technology infrastructure under Maria Mann’s leadership to meet regulatory and cybersecurity requirements.

Sharon James: The desire for data continues to grow. If you are collecting data, make sure you know what you have and you know what you’re doing with it –Managing Oversight: Staying Ahead of the Curve (client panel).

Steve LaRonde: Each year, attendees of the Boston Financial Client Forum can generally expect to hear presentations on upcoming regulatory and technology changes. The 2016 Forum was no different in that regard. What was different in 2016 was the potential impact of these changes on our industry. Whether the topic was the DOL Fiduciary Rule or blockchain (or even Starbucks as a “Banker”), topics at this year’s Forum provided insight on the potential transformational changes coming to our industry.

Lisa Light: “What’s interesting about cyber is that it’s going to make us better. It gets us to look holistically. By extension, we solve other issues and identify new opportunities.” ─ quote from Maria Mann, CIO at DST, during Under Pressure: Inside the Mind of a CIO session.

Dave Madden: It was good to witness how our clients have become a community of engaged participants. Each year our clients get more actively involved in the Forum by participating in panel discussions and connecting with their peers, which is an indication of how important this event has become. The Forum sessions create an atmosphere of collaboration that is a value not just to the seasoned attendee, but also to anyone joining for the first time.

Jessica Perkins: You have to build strong relationships, know the motivators, and get to know people on a personal level to create strong oversight and mitigate risk. –Managing Oversight: Staying Ahead of the Curve (client panel).

For more takeaways from the Forum, check out our recap from Day 1. Thanks to everyone who followed #BFCF16 on Twitter and was part of the conversation! Missed what people were sharing on Twitter? We have you covered. Check out our collection of #BFCF16 tweets.

bfcf-tweetsThe Forum may be over, but we’re still talking about it. If you have a takeaway from the Forum you’d like to share, post a comment below or tweet it. Thanks for another great Forum! #BFCF16

Colleen Sebastian

Colleen Sebastian

Colleen has been with Boston Financial for 15 years, having held positions in client relations and operations. In her current position, she develops and executes marketing and communication strategies that accelerate business growth, build brand awareness, and strengthen employee engagement. Colleen holds a Masters of Business Administration from Northeastern University and is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire. A snow sport enthusiast, Colleen has been a volunteer for the Youth Enrichment Services’ (YES) winter program and still gets excited every winter for the first snowflakes of the season. Follow Colleen on Twitter @colleen_sebas.


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