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10 Illuminating Quotes from 2016


2016 has been an eventful year, to say the least! Money market reform, blockchain, digital transformation, the Fiduciary Rule— just a few of the topics that had an impact on our industry this year. Here’s our roundup of illuminating quotes from 2016 gathered from Perspectives. Some may have you reflecting on the past year, while others may leave you looking to the future.


“More than ever, it appears that politics is influencing policy. The impression I received from the speakers at this year’s Forum was that the SEC’s rulemaking binge has a lot to do with the political environment in Washington, and the potential changes that could come in 2017.”

Adrian Lucas, CCO Forum: Looking Ahead

“My simple advice on client relations is a take on the proverbial “golden rule.” Be nice and help people throughout your career. You never know where you, or your business contact/friends, will end up in the future. And the people you meet early in your career often turn out to be important business relationships, great friends or, hopefully, both. It really is all about trust.”

Tracy Shelby, 5 Minutes with Tracy Shelby: An Interview with Boston Financial’s Chief Relationship Officer

“Unfortunately, as most pundits have pointed out, the collateral damage left in the wake of the DOL Fiduciary Rule has left many to question its merit.”

Kim Froio, Despite Uncertainty and Debate Around the Fiduciary Rule, It’s Time to Act

“The stakes for acquiring, engaging, and developing talent are higher than ever. This is not a revelation. But how firms are approaching this challenge and the strategies they’re employing can provide valuable insight.”

Colleen Sebastian, Building & Sustaining an Effective Talent Pipeline: Hear how Clients are Tackling this Challenge #BFCF16

“In spite of this progress, we see evidence of frustration around the lack of guidance from the regulators on intermediary oversight.”

Ken Larsen, Financial Intermediary Oversight: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities

“One estimate claims asset management firms, or their parent companies, have paid $60 billion annually in fines and litigation costs related to cultural failures since 2010. It is no wonder that FINRA is now reviewing corporate culture and business ethics as part of its examinations.”

Gretchen Kinder, $60 Billion a Year: Why Ethics and Culture Matter in Today’s Regulatory Environment

“Are the in-boxes and social media feeds at your firm overflowing with blog posts, news articles, and webcast invitations promising to help you understand the impact of the DOL Fiduciary Rule? They are at Boston Financial and DST.”

Craig Hollis, Clearing Through the Clutter: Preparing to Meet Your Transfer Agent Needs under the DOL Fiduciary Rule

“Confidence comes from experience. Do stuff, just do it. You will learn what you don’t like, not everything will be perfect. Roll with it.”

Nicole MacDonald, Is Your Life and Work Working for You? Here are 5 Quick Tips that can Help

“Asset managers who successfully develop a clearly defined, cohesive digital strategy— one that is integrated with their overall business strategy— will keep pace with their customers’ expectations, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive their business forward.”

Brian Melter, Are You Falling Behind in the Digital Age? What it Takes to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

“I believe that vision is easy. We all know how to dream. The big question is having the know-how and the resources to execute, so your vision becomes innovation.”

Lisa Light, Making Room for Innovation

Colleen Sebastian

Colleen Sebastian

Colleen has been with Boston Financial for 15 years, having held positions in client relations and operations. In her current position, she develops and executes marketing and communication strategies that accelerate business growth, build brand awareness, and strengthen employee engagement. Colleen holds a Masters of Business Administration from Northeastern University and is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire. A snow sport enthusiast, Colleen has been a volunteer for the Youth Enrichment Services’ (YES) winter program and still gets excited every winter for the first snowflakes of the season. Follow Colleen on Twitter @colleen_sebas.


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