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Looking Back on 10 Years of the CCO Forum


2014_CCO_Forum_footerWhat were you doing 10 years ago? 10 years ago you were probably sporting a flip phone. Or maybe you were cutting edge and had a camera phone. Ten years ago the television show “Lost” debuted. Renting DVDs from Blockbuster was a staple for most of us and Facebook launched.

And we can’t forget about Rule 38a-1.

In 2004, Rule 38a-1 went into effect, marking the beginning of a more formal role of compliance. Mutual funds were now required to hire chief compliance officers (CCOs), responsible for implementing due diligence and oversight of various entities as well as implementing appropriate controls to prevent security law violations.

During this time, Boston Financial appointed a CCO to provide independent oversight of all aspects of our 38a-1 program, to play an active role in industry committees, and to continually assess the regulatory environment. To further support our clients’ CCOs, we also began hosting an annual CCO Due Diligence Forum for our clients.

2014 marks our tenth year hosting the CCO Forum. Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years! Over the years, our Forum has grown and evolved to reflect the regulatory changes and challenges the industry faces as well as how the CCO’s role has grown; today’s CCOs have become a more strategic partner in their organizations.

And although our Forum has evolved, a trademark feature of our Forum continues; providing our clients and their CCOs with an opportunity to network and gain valuable information.

We’re less than 24 hours from the kickoff of our 2014 CCO Forum. Over the course of tomorrow, our Forum theme, “Opening the Door to Boston Financial’s Compliance and Risk Management Culture,” will be reflected throughout our day-long program. We have many knowledgeable speakers and interesting panel discussions planned, and I look forward to hearing from our clients and their CCOs.

Craig Hollis

Craig Hollis

Craig joined Boston Financial in July of 2004. Craig has 32 years of mutual fund transfer agency experience in which time he has been responsible for managing numerous operational and support groups including: financial control, transfer agent and blue sky compliance, tax reporting and withholding, intermediary compensation, transaction processing and offshore distribution and servicing. Craig is currently responsible for the regulatory oversight of Boston Financial’s Transfer Agent activities as well as all operational aspects of Boston Financial’s compliance program including a 22c-2 full service solution and Blue Sky administrative services. Additionally, Craig represents Boston Financial in periodic Regulatory Compliance Advisory Group Sessions (RCAG) and is active in the industry, serving on the ICI Transfer Agent Advisory Committee, ICI Abandoned Property Task Force, ICI State Related Issues Working Group, ICI subcommittee on Money Market Reform (Institutional vs. Retail), NICSA Compliance Risk Committee, the Securities Transfer Association and has been a speaker at numerous industry events.

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