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ADVANCE: What You Missed


“We are not a wave; we are part of the ocean.” – Steve Hooley, President & CEO of DST, opening remarks from ADVANCE.

The ADVANCE conference wrapped up yesterday in Scottsdale. For the past three days, Scottsdale was a whirlwind of activity with over 450 people representing 60% of the U.S. mutual fund industry.


ADVANCE, DST’s annual client conference, had many themes: how technology is transforming the customer experience, the rise of the “citizen data scientist,” letting go of legacy beliefs and systems, the need for enterprise compliance models, using disruption to find opportunity, strategies for mastering complexity, and more.

But Steve Hooley, President and CEO of DST, set the tone with his opening remarks: “It’s good to be with your customers. It is energizing.” Debuting at the conference was DST’s new brand, master complexity. Hooley discussed change, opportunities, complexity, and disruption – and DST’s approach to it.

“Are you going to manage disruption or are you going to let disruption manage you? DST focused on managing disruption.” – Steve Hooley

ADVANCE featured several keynote speakers, including Peter Sheahan, a thought leader on innovation and behavior change. Sheahan further explored the topic of disruption and brand.

1Sheahan DST


  • Question your assumptions. Don’t take yesterday’s beliefs into tomorrow’s environment.
  • Share brand stories that push toward change versus away from it. Create more value and become the obvious choice.
  • Orient around outcomes not inputs. It’s the ultimate value.
  • Find opportunity in disruption. You want to build your brand on complexity.

 “Lean into the complexity of the higher order problem – it’s where the differentiation is found.” – Peter Sheahan

Our team attended sessions all over ADVANCE, including the regulatory/risk management, technology, retirement, operational, and asset management tracks. The asset management track, which was especially relevant to the Boston Financial clients in attendance, focused on key topics facing all firms in our market.

1 product showcase DST

In the coming days, we’ll be sharing more from ADVANCE. Stay tuned!

Lisa Light

Lisa Light

Lisa’s career at Boston Financial has spanned over 25 years and she has held various positions in Operations, Training and Development, Human Resources and Corporate Marketing. She is responsible for corporate sales support, business event management, and corporate communications. Collaborating with our executive and relationship management teams, Lisa facilitates key organizational messages and communication strategies. In conjunction with the sales team, Lisa leads the corporate sales support function resulting in numerous successful key client rebids, new client wins from competitors and additional business process outsourcing. When she’s not working hard, she enjoys guiding her boys through the turbulent teenage years, kibitzing with her girlfriends, and trying to stay alive during her workouts.

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