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Forever Young


Yoga - 162383291Wouldn’t most of us, if not all, like to be?  I recently had the opportunity to attend the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston, and attended a session “Forever Young: Tips for Aging Gracefully and Living Well.”  I figured that for those of us who have been working in the financial services industry for many years, I might pick up some hints to help us to keep up with the newer folks. The three panelists shared their insights on the topic, based on research they’ve done and the trends they see on a daily basis in their jobs – director of life management at Canyon Ranch, HUB health editor for Boston Magazine, and a doctor focused on nutrition and healthy aging. I came away with three main tips:

First, no surprise here, is the importance of fitness and good nutrition, although the latter can be a challenge since oftentimes what was supposedly good for us yesterday is no longer good for us today – chocolate, coffee, red wine, etc.

Then, the benefits of yoga were highlighted. The panelist who discussed it admitted she did not practice yoga but was planning to take it up.  Why?  Her research had identified some major advantages: can slow dementia, help to decrease back pain and reduce the need for related medications, and seems to make people more compassionate.

The last point was the most powerful to me. It’s essential to continually do things that “shock you in newness” no matter what your age – learn a new language, how to dance, etc. Novelty is key! So, I guess it’s not too late for me to finally learn how to swim.

Ann Marie Mierzykowski

Ann Marie Mierzykowski

Ann Marie has been at Boston Financial since 2003, initially as a consultant in the retirement division, and then as an Officer in the Corporate Marketing department. She is responsible for positioning Boston Financial as a thought leader in the industry, promoting all business lines and overseeing strategic corporate initiatives from a marketing perspective. Prior to joining Boston Financial, she was Vice President / Director II at PFPC (now BNY Mellon) with client relationship management responsibilities for financial services companies with outsourced retirement plan operations. Ann Marie has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from The College of the Holy Cross, and received her Fellow, Life Management Institute certification in Pension Planning from the Life Office Management Association.


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