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Suggestions for Getting Ahead of the Compliance AND the Regulatory Exam Curve


Nick Nichols, in his latest post on DST Insights, talks about how the financial services industry is leveraging behavioral analytics to strengthen their fraud monitoring programs.

In this post, he talks about the role behavioral analytics are playing among regulatory bodies, like the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspection and Examinations (OCIE). In addition to the many potential benefits behavioral analytics can offer your firm’s fraud detection efforts, they can also help you prepare for any scheduled OCIE examination. How? By giving you the tools to analyze, identify and remediate (if necessary) those issues OCIE says they will be using analytics to examine.

To learn more about the potential benefits of adding behavioral analytics to your fraud detection program, visit Nick Nichols’ post, Getting Ahead of the Curve: Re-Imagining Fraud Detection in 2017 on DST Insights.

Gretchen Kinder

Gretchen Kinder

Gretchen Kinder works for Boston Financial's Sales Support and Corporate Marketing team where she works on sales support and strategy documents. Gretchen joined Boston Financial in 2014 after nearly two decades of professional experience in Boston’s nonprofit and municipal sectors. A Jane-of-all-trades, Gretchen earned her MSW/MPH from Boston University in 1997 and has held positions as a community organizer, program manager, fundraiser, event planner, strategic planning consultant, adult educator, philanthropic community manager, public information officer and grant writer/manager. She has worked in the fields of chronic disease management, community service learning, health professions education, philanthropic planning and wealth management, urban planning, public and community health, PK-12 public education, early literacy, mental health and dental insurance.


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