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Corporate Citizenship – Be a Part of the Solution


Lynda“Helping make someone’s life a little easier is a wonderful way to give back. As volunteers, we not only helped the needy, but showed the humane side of business. But the biggest benefit was to my colleagues and me, the good feeling you get inside. The feeling that says I AM PART OF THE SOLUTION.” – Gerard Florentine, a Boston Financial associate speaking about his volunteer experience through the Boston Financial Associate Volunteer Program

We can all agree that corporate citizenship is a good thing. Giving back is an enriching experience offering each of us the opportunity to give and grow while creating shared value for the community, the company, and the associate. Gerard’s experience as a volunteer is a testament to this. Gerard is one of many Boston Financial associates who participate in our Associate Volunteer Program.

Our Volunteer Program targets activities that focus on children, families, and strengthening the community. To help ensure the activities resonate with our associates, the activities are sourced at each of our locations. The benefits to our associates are numerous. Yes, there’s the good feeling they get from helping others. But spending time with coworkers in a different environment, meeting people they might not otherwise interact with, applying their skills and enhancing them through volunteerism, and knowing they’re providing value to the community are other great benefits our associates reap.

Take me for instance. I’ve had an incredible experience mentoring a young adult in the Year Up program. I have become a better listener as I try to support my mentee as she navigates through her first corporate experience. To help her sort through what she needs, I’ve really had to focus on what she’s looking for and problem solve with her, not for her. The experience has given me an opportunity to connect with someone I may not have met otherwise.

The support of our associates and their engagement with the community are vital to the success and strength of our corporate citizenship program. Over the last several years, Boston Financial has made a concerted effort to make citizenship an integral part of our corporate culture and business strategy. We’ve established targeted community impact efforts and citizenship is embedded in our corporate goals and values.

We believe that being a better business partner requires us to do more than provide services and solutions to our clients. Through our associates’ engagement, their commitment, and their passion, we continue to do more as an organization to deepen our community involvement and impact. We’ve also become a more engaged and collaborative organization.

Over the next few weeks, our associates will be sharing some of the community projects they’re involved in through our Volunteer Program. Our hope is you’ll come away with a better understanding of who we are as an organization. Their stories may even inspire you to make a difference in your community.

Lynda Kaplan

Lynda Kaplan

Lynda is the Chief Administrative Officer of Boston Financial responsible for Human Resources/Learning and Organizational Development, Marketing, Compliance, Legal and Corporate Citizenship. She began her career in financial services in 1981 and has moved though several Operational, Relationship Management and Administrative roles in firms in the Boston area. Lynda is a graduate of Stonehill College.

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