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United Way Leadership BreakfastWhat makes a company good? While reputation, salary, and benefits surely matter, giving back to the community is also an important trait of a good company.

This belief was stated loud and clear by Boston Financial associates during our recent Associate Survey. Our associates expressed overwhelming appreciation and acknowledgement of Boston Financial’s focus on making a difference in the community.

This commitment was showcased at the recent United Way Leadership Breakfast where several of Boston Financial’s leaders joined forces to support this year’s campaign. In his opening remarks, President and CEO, Terry Metzger, thanked associates for their generosity, both in their gift giving and volunteer efforts. He reiterated the importance of our commitment to the United Way and how our efforts have impacted those in need.

Mike Durkin, President of the Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley Chapter of the United Way, congratulated Terry and all of Boston Financial for their support.  “Boston Financial is an example of achieving great results but has also benefited firsthand from how their contributions have helped in the community,” said Durkin. In addition to providing examples of improved child care facilities and youth counseling programs, he described enhanced summer learning programs where children have the opportunity to maintain their literacy progress to ensure a good head start in school. Durkin said our contributions are helping to reduce family homelessness by providing stable homes for children, but there’s work to be done; 1700 families in the Boston area are still homeless. ”We need to put a stake into the ground for what is good,” said Durkin.

Josh Kraft, President and CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, shared a success story about a young woman who wanted to be the first in her family to graduate from high school and college. The staff at the Boys and Girls Club provided the necessary support and guidance which enabled her to not only graduate from high school, but receive a scholarship to attend a local college. From a full-circle perspective, she  is now also giving back to the community.  Josh reflected on how our donations have helped in similar situations, explaining that the United Way was the Boys and Girls Club’s primary source of funding. He closed by saying our efforts and those of the United Way instill hope and opportunity.

After attending the breakfast, I am inspired to help Boston Financial’s 2013 United Way Campaign be our most successful yet. As we approach this year’s campaign, remember, “It Takes One Person to Make a Difference – YOU”.

Mike Lawlor

Mike Lawlor

Mike Lawlor joined Boston Financial in 1998 and oversees the Mail Center, which includes workflow distribution, image scanning, and cash management for the organization. In addition to his operational responsibilities, Mike is also a relationship manager for several Boston Financial clients. Mike serves as a team captain in Boston Financial’s United Way campaign, and also volunteers at various local organizations.

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