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Embracing Corporate Citizenship


Jenelle Kanya-Colleen SebastianGiving back to the community and creating positive change are two things that have always been important to me personally. Everyone’s life is busy with family and work commitments, so it is not always easy to find the time to get involved. Being a member of the large Boston Financial community allows me the opportunity to impact social change by volunteering and giving back locally.  Corporate citizenship and philanthropy are integrated throughout Boston Financial through many aspects – awareness, volunteerism, and financial support.

Recently, I attended a session at the Massachusetts Conference for Women titled “Driving Social Good and Change through the Power of the Workplace”.  I was excited to hear how other companies were engaging their associates to make a difference. Throughout the session, a panel of women from companies of varying sizes and sectors discussed ways they had created an impact by integrating corporate social responsibility in their workplace.

One key message from the session got me thinking – find more ways to say yes when in the world it is easy to say no. It is important to get involved and give back, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because each individual can say yes and have a positive impact. How can this be something that we integrate into our workplace? As members of our community, we have the power to present opportunities that promote corporate citizenship.

  1. Be creative and innovative – giving back does not always mean writing a check.  Send volunteers to an event, involve corporate executives to donate time or subject matter expertise to a cause. Donate office supplies or pieces of furniture that are no longer being used. Explore ways to do things differently.
  2. Give back to areas people care about – create a menu of choices so employees can participate in events that interest them. Some people may want to walk, build houses, rake leaves, or just make a monetary donation. Offering options can increase participation and promote a culture of giving.
  3. Make it a way of life – ask volunteers what they hope to get out of an opportunity. Integrate corporate social responsibility throughout all areas of the organization, starting with the interview process.  People want to join a company that they feel is doing good and giving back to the community.

Does your company have resources dedicated to corporate social responsibility?  I encourage you to explore, and find ways to say yes! Find the passion in your community. Look around, participate, get active, volunteer. And most importantly, don’t underestimate the power of giving back.

Jenelle Kanya

Jenelle Kanya

Jenelle joined the corporate marketing department at Boston Financial in 2011. Her primary focus is marketing, sales support and corporate communications. Prior to joining Boston Financial, Jenelle worked as marketing director at Aviva Life and Annuity and served as chairperson for the Community Involvement Committee. Jenelle is a graduate of Boston College and past Board Member of the Quincy School-Community Partnership. Follow Jenelle on Twitter @jmfbc95.

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