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Can I Outsource THAT?!


BridesmaidsAt the NICSA General Membership Meeting in Boston last week, I had the opportunity to channel my inner “Sham-Wow pitch gal” to promote Boston Financial’s Event Center. The session also included presentations from Cipperman Compliance Services, Heng-Tian Services, Keane, and ZS Associates.

The moderators created a highly unusual, but extremely enjoyable and informative, session format where the presenters had at least as much fun as the attendees. The soundtrack from “The Price is Right” set the mood.  We were under some pressure with a time limit of 5-7 minutes per pitch. If the time limit was exceeded, bells and whistles would sound and the presenter would be immediately escorted off the stage! Needless to say, each of us finished with time to spare.

Even after almost 20 years of supporting special events for our clients at Boston Financial, many people still aren’t sure what we mean by “events.”

It was fun to explain what we do, by contrasting business events, such as closed fund payments to investors or making contact with inactive shareholders, to a social event that everyone understands – a wedding.

“We do not dress bridesmaids in identical dresses; we do provide private labeled, customized solutions!”

The other presentations covered a range of outsourcing opportunities including compliance, unclaimed property, and sales and marketing.  Heng-Tian, a company that works closely with State Street Corporation and Zhejiang University to provide IT outsourcing, pitched their services as innovation outsourcing.

Is there a service that you wish you could outsource, but don’t know how or to whom? Leave a comment and join the discussion.

Fran Corcoran

Fran Corcoran

Fran is focused on helping clients drive growth, mitigate risk, and improve business performance by leveraging Boston Financial's deep industry knowledge, resources, and solutions. As a relationship manager for Boston Financial, Fran has more than 25 years of strategy, consulting, and client engagement in the financial services sector. Fran's client relationship experience spans mutual funds, 529 Plan, and Alternative Funds relationships. Fran joined Boston Financial as a fund liaison, later participating in development of the 529 Plan servicing team and becoming a key contributor to Boston Financial's relationship management program. Fran holds a bachelor's degree from Syracuse University. In addition to her active role within the relationship management community at Boston Financial, Fran is an ambassador for the Wellness Program at Boston Financial.


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