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Disruption: Crisis or Opportunity?



Some may see this associated with negative images of being unexpectedly stopped in one’s tracks, of being taken off course, of being interrupted on a seismic scale.

But a recent DST kasina white paper, published online February 22, 2017, suggests that rather than treating disruption as a problem that needs to be solved, those of us working in the financial services industry should instead look at disruptive trends as opportunities for business transformation.

Capitalizing on Disruption: Transforming Asset Management for 2020” is an insightful paper for a number of reasons, including:

  • The clarity with which the authors describe the disruptors we’ve been discussing for years like the pace of regulatory change and the evolution of technology and investor demographics.
  • The detailed explanation of the trends in industry consolidation among both broker-dealers and asset managers.
  • The identification of three potential avenues and action steps for driving efficiency and transformation: product development, distribution, marketing.

It closes with a checklist you can use to score your firm’s readiness for transformative change.

The paper does an effective job at consolidating the information into an easy to read format, including the checklist — and filled with info graphics. It is an insightful resource and easy to share with other members of your team who have responsibility for turning disruptive trends into business opportunities.

Capitalizing on Disruption: Transforming Asset Management for 2020” is free and available for download on the DST kasina website.

Mike McNeill

Mike McNeill

Mike is a member of the senior relationship management team. He is focused on enhancing client relationships and collaborating on business solutions to address the evolving needs of the industry and regulatory landscape. Mike has over 25 years of experience in the mutual fund industry. Prior to joining Boston Financial, he served as senior vice president of investor services at Putnam Investments. Previous to Putnam Investments, Mike was at Pioneer Investments and American Express - The Shareholder Services Group. Mike currently serves on the Investment Company Institute (ICI) Broker-Dealer Advisory Committee. An active member of the National Investment Company Service Association (NICSA) and ICI, Mike has served as a speaker and moderator for internal and external events as well as a spokesman for the company on mutual fund industry topics with a focus on intermediary relationships and oversight.


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