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Disruptive Innovation


IdeasYesterday morning I attended an Innovation Forum in Boston. It was hosted by the Boston Chamber of Commerce and attended by over 200 people. The guest speaker for the event was L. Rafael Reif, President of MIT. He discussed ways in which different entities (universities, government, businesses) are collaborating in order to support our innovation ecosystem. One example he discussed was digital learning offered by Harvard and MIT, an example of “disruptive” innovation. Why disruptive? It changed the rules that college level classes must be paid for and take place in the classroom. Similarly, we must think outside the box when considering innovative product ideas for our clients.

Frank Citrone

Frank Citrone

Frank works for Boston Financial's New Business and Product Development Team. He is managing the development of the Compliance Program Products and is developing a structure around Boston Financial’s Product Development process. Frank joined Boston Financial in 2004, working on the Federated Transition. He then developed Boston Financial’s first Project Management Methodology, centralized the Project Management function and established the Project Management Office. Prior to joining Boston Financial, Frank worked for Columbia Management, Liberty Financial and Colonial Management.


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  1. Barbara BrowneBarbara Browne

    I attended a conference in KC this week where the keynote speaker had a similar take. His advice is to “disrupt or be disrupted.” He cited Circuit City, Newsweek, Nokia, and Comp USA as companies who have been disrupted. There’s been a lot of talk about innovation moving the needle quickly and changing the way things are done today.


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