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Making Room for Innovation


“Vision without execution is hallucination.”

Walter Isaacson in his keynote address at the 2016 #ICIGMM on Thursday, May 19.

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And with that, Isaacson delivered one of the most memorable quotes at the conference.

As reported by Rob Elson with ICI, his impactful point of view and perspective did not end there.

I believe that vision is easy. We all know how to dream. The big question is having the know-how and the resources to execute, so your vision becomes innovation. Thus, Isaacson’s next memorable quote, “Innovation is vision with execution.”

Also important, Isaacson said, is having the right tools to eliminate distractions: distractions like the alphabet soup of federal and state regulations governing the mutual fund industry.

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Regulatory compliance may be the loudest form of white noise drowning in the mutual fund industry. But there are other pressures competing for firms’ innovation attention, like:

Hand holding digital globeWalter Isaacson’s keynote Q&A catalyzed one of my key takeaways from the 2016 #ICIGMM. How can we systematically and continuously ask clients what we can do to support them in executing their vision and realizing their goals for innovation?


How would you answer this question?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Lisa Light

Lisa Light

Lisa’s career at Boston Financial has spanned over 25 years and she has held various positions in Operations, Training and Development, Human Resources and Corporate Marketing. She is responsible for corporate sales support, business event management, and corporate communications. Collaborating with our executive and relationship management teams, Lisa facilitates key organizational messages and communication strategies. In conjunction with the sales team, Lisa leads the corporate sales support function resulting in numerous successful key client rebids, new client wins from competitors and additional business process outsourcing. When she’s not working hard, she enjoys guiding her boys through the turbulent teenage years, kibitzing with her girlfriends, and trying to stay alive during her workouts.

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