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Gigabyte Internet coming to Boston Financial


When I got my first connection to the internet it was via a 5600 baud modem. It was slow; about 700,000 bytes per second. I remember upgrading to a 9600 baud and then to a 56K modem, which I thought was blazing fast at 56,000 kilobytes per second. Today, many years after that first modem, as my three young sons surf You Tube and play Minecraft at the same time while my wife streams some new TV show, I struggle with the 30 megabytes per second connection at my house. I need more bandwidth or less connected devices. Since the trend is headed towards more connected devices, more bandwidth seems to be the logical solution.

Fortunately, I live in Kansas City and we are one of the first cities to get a Google Gigabyte Fiber network. This new network will bring internet connection speeds close to the gigabyte per second realm; actual speeds are in excess of 700 megabytes per second. This kind of connection will easily support my internet-hungry family. Now, if I could just get connected.

With the huge infrastructure that comes with a gigabyte fiber network, Google is rolling out connectivity slowly across the metro area. They started with a neighborhood in Kansas City, and have been expanding ever since. As cities and towns sign on, neighbors commit to the service; once enough neighbors signup, Google starts installing. Only 157 more for my neighborhood.

18 days


neighborhood chart

Of course, Google Fiber is not all about residential connections. In fact, the introduction of high speed service in Kansas City has sparked a Start-up Village. A group of like-minded entrepreneurs moved their places of business to a small neighborhood close to the Google Fiber hub here in Kansas City. Not only do they benefit from the super-fast internet connection, they are able to take advantage of their close proximity for collaboration.

Google’s gigabyte fiber network means high speed internet for Kansas City residents and businesses. Boston Financial’s Kansas City office will be connected once Google reaches this side of the state line. With the growth of connected devices and businesses as Google expands their network and as more businesses will benefit from the huge bandwidth, our small Midwestern town will be known for something other than great barbeque.

Matthew Gould

Matthew Gould

Matthew works for Boston Financial's New Business and Product Development Team listening and researching the challenges of our industry and exploring creative solutions. He spends most of his time with new product development; exploring, evaluating, designing, and delivering innovative solutions for our clients' business. Matthew started with the enterprise in 1992 and during his tenure has implemented innovation in a variety of areas, including customer service, technology solutions, relationship management, and operations oversight. Matthew leverages his varied experience, adds in his endless curiosity and passionate creativity to deliver innovation for our industry.

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