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Managing Relationships in a Social World


Social-Relationships---164565251“What do other clients do?” As a Relationship Manager at Boston Financial, this is one of the most common questions I am asked. Back in the day, this question would have caused me to spend hours navigating our organization by reaching out to others via the phone, seeking out subject matter experts through word of mouth, and/or sending countless emails with the hopes that someone would respond. The launch of our social intranet, The Hub, made this question much simpler to answer.

The Relationship Manager Community on the Hub is just that; a community of like- minded individuals whose main purpose is to bring value to and solve problems for our clients. By its nature, social media has evolved our community. As one of the initial communities established on the The Hub, it didn’t take long to see others adopting, utilizing and embracing due to the inherent advantages that social networking brings. Thus, began the shift to managing our client relationships in a social world.

Gone are the days of sending an email and waiting for a response. We all know how bogged down we can get with email and how difficult it can be to manage our corporate Inbox. Using the Hub has allowed us to more efficiently leverage, share and solicit information.

The Hub allows for rapid alert social discussions. If questions or updates are posted, that information can be pushed out to the Relationship Team immediately. This could include compliance updates, system enhancements or issues, meeting minutes, industry related articles, or general topics of interest to us, and our clients.  We have created our own corporate taxonomy within our community, which allows for information to be centralized into a “one stop shop” and helps us more efficiently locate and organize information.  Information is archived and searches can be done based on keywords or hashtags used in posts.

Another useful tool on the Hub is the ability to poll other Relationship Managers about the fund companies they manage. For example, we may post a question about a client’s web site, or how clients provide tax related information. Polling questions allow for collaboration and information sharing across our organization, no matter what city or building one is located. It also allows us to leverage the information provided by the poll if relevant to our specific clients.

Another useful benefit of the Hub is the ability to tap into the collective intelligence of our organization.  Each Relationship Manager creates and manages their own personal profile page. Within each profile are individual biographies, areas of expertise, listings of specific community memberships and colleague networks.  This allows the Relationship Team to network with peers and identify subject matter experts within our organization.  We are able to learn about others areas of expertise, and gain access to resources needed to assist with a client project or issue.

Like everything related to social media, the Relationship Manager community within the Hub continues to evolve and change the way we network and communicate. It has helped bridge the gap between what we know, and what we need to know. It has also fostered stronger relationships and rapport amongst the relationship team at Boston Financial. It has made the impersonal, personal. And, most importantly, with clients as the centerpiece of our community, it has allowed us to better manage our most important relationship, the client. So, we invite you to ask us “what do other clients do?”

Jessica Perkins

Jessica Perkins

Jessica Perkins is currently a Relationship Manager responsible for managing multiple client relationships at Boston Financial. Jessica began her career at Boston Financial in 1995 after graduating from the University of Missouri at Kansas City with degrees in English and Speech Communications. Before joining the Relationship Management team, she managed various processing and phone teams at Boston Financial, including several teams which won the Dalbar Service Award for telephone quality. Jessica was tasked with managing the Relationship Manger community on Boston Financial’s social intranet site.

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