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12 Notable Quotes that will Inspire and Motivate You


inspire300The rapid evolution of technology, changing consumer behaviors and values, and the power of data continue to transform our industry. Likewise, transparency, cybersecurity, and oversight still dominate the regulatory landscape. Below is an array of enlightening quotes gathered from Perspectives. Some will have you thinking about the future of the industry while others may inspire and motivate you.

The transfer agent industry is often criticized for being too reactive. This is no longer good enough given the intensity of the regulatory push. In looking ahead, we are shortening product and technology development cycles so our clients are prepared for whatever happens next in the compliance space. This is smart servicing in the 21st century.”

Craig Hollis, Prepared for Whatever Comes Next: Creating future value in compliance programs

We manage ‘stuff’ – processes, facilities, but leadership is a contact sport. You are leading humans and we are fundamentally imperfect.”

John Griffin, When Crazy Ideas Move Forward

But our industry is changing, and the classic definition of a transfer agent is no longer good enough to encompass the functions that a mutual fund service company must perform (or outsource).”

Tracy Shelby, Facing Industry Challenges Together

Being a social business is rapidly becoming a necessity in this era of unprecedented need for speed in identifying market trends, anticipating customer needs, and solving customer problems.”

Julia Binder, Why Social Technology is Essential for Workforce Collaboration

States are looking at all possible channels to generate revenue without upsetting key constituents (in other words – don’t tax the residents). Blue sky, in states with no-cap on the fees to file, represents substantial revenue.”

Kevin Caravella, Read My Lips – No New Taxes

As we get older, we often inhibit our creativity as experience tells us all the reasons why the idea won’t work. It’s time to reawaken our childhood creativity!”

Kim Froio, If you’re not failing you’re not trying hard enough

Millennials are subject to examination by fundsters from all walks – product development, marketing, distribution advice and service. Each area must think about how millennial preferences will impact their business and how to take advantage of that change.”

Nick Darsch, Are you sick of millennials yet?

We believe that what really matters is what we do about the challenges facing the industry, not just what we think or say about them.”

Anne Hebard, The Impact of Megatrends to the Transfer Agent Model

Companies are collections of human beings who may not always make the right choices.”

Ann Marie Mierzykowski, Just Because it’s Legal, Doesn’t Make it Right

“We hear about it all of the time throughout the corporate hallways, ‘we need to focus on the customer experience…’ What does that mean and why does it matter?”

Brian Melter, The Customer Experience

Most of the characteristics we perceive as unique to millennials are not actually unique to millennials.”

Erica Dhawan, Solving Problems with Connectional Intelligence

If you’ve ever needed to clean your attic or garage, you know sometimes the hardest part of the job is knowing where to begin. Given the often overwhelming volume of information available, the urgency of asset manager’s needs, and the cybersecurity imperative, developing a strategy for tackling data analytics in our industry can feel the same.”

Arthur Dunn, Looking at the Big Picture: Leveraging the power of data

Colleen Sebastian

Colleen Sebastian

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